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Another Shade Of Blue
The Boogie Man's Comin'
Devil Heart
Smokehouse Blues
Family Traditions
Goin' Up
How We Start

* All songs written, arranged and produced by Bobby Manriquez.
  "Bobby- you're a gifted,soulful and inspired player."
- CARLOS SANTANA (from personalized album/ "Amigos" tour)

"...when have four guitarists ( Lofgren, Johnson, Derringer and Manriquez) this good been on the same stage on the same evening lately?"
- Dave Marsh, ROLLING STONE Magazine

" idiosyncratic masterwork - you never know where he's going, but you're glad you're along for the ride...A tremendous solo guitarist...he's (Manriquez is) a master of time and intonation...Buoyed by an underlying spirituality that Stevie Ray Vaughn fans will of the year's most interesting records. * Highly Recommended * "
- Jeff Calvin, BLUES REVUE Magazine June, 2001

" Man ! Unbelievable ! You play great...great tone, too. That stuff is SMOKIN"!! Bobby Manriquez plays and sings with a lot of heart and a lot of soul, and that comes through on this CD. Sounds beautiful !"
- Atlantic Records Jazz guitar great MIKE STERN

" It ain't no secret.... Bobby Manriquez is a bad cat ! He's way ahead of the game with all the feel he shows you in his playing...wanna blow your mind? Check out the live track "Smokehouse" on his CD"
- Bringing special honor to this stellar collection of supporters, the "funky-bass" backbone of ( Chaka Khan's) "RUFUS," BOBBY WATSON

"Even over my funky computer speakers, I can tell you sure have a fine, soulful sound, alright !"
- The one and only CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE

"Bobby is one of my favorite guitarists. His soulful, mischievous blues style always makes my heart smile. Check it out. You'll love it! Well done, Bobby !"
- E-Street Band lead guitarist NILS LOFGREN

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"That boy can PLAY !!"
- Soul legend WILSON PICKETT

"We LOVE it !!" "The DJ went nuts over all of your stuff."
- Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones, Tina Turner vocalist and Merrimac recording artist KATHI McDONALD

"Manriquez has a winning way with the blues." .. "shimmering guitar work" ... "fluid soloing" ... "stinging tone ... (all) illustrate his versatility and promise."

"The disc finds Manriquez in fine voice, a plaintive high-register wail that is a perfect complement to his searing leads."

"Manriquez shows he's still got a grasp on what's hip..." "Snippets of some searing live playing reveal an intensity and dexterity that rival long-gone axe-grinders Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton. With chops like his, it's doubtful that Manriquez will be little noticed for long."

"Manriquez helps his own cause by his imaginative soloing.....tastey slide and searing electric guitar breaks"
- Ron Weinstock, THE D.C. BLUES SOCIETY

"I've listened to it ... his playing is as good or better than anything I heard on Potomac Street at this year's Blues Fest."
- Bob Maginnis, editorial page editor, THE HERALD MAIL newspapers

" I was TOTALLY knocked out ... smokin' ! You played your ass off ! It was all fantastic !!
- Eric Clapton, Sly & the Family Stone drummer extraordinaire ANDY NEWMARK

"Bobby Manriquez is an amazing musician....All should be thankful that this guitarist has graced us with a gem to add to the collection of Blues guitar albums that never sit on the shelf long enough to gather dust."
- J. Belanger for ROLLING STONE.COM

"Bobby's always reaching for the next level of inspiration; one of the original new blues-and-funkateers.....OUTSTANDING !!"
- The sought-after singer/songwriter and bassist for artists from (the late) "Temptations" Eddie Kendricks to rocker Nils Lofgren, WORNELL JONES

"I think Bobby Manriquez puts together the best of blues and rock with his own personal style and sound. It's the advanced, maturely-conceived expression from an experienced player.But mainly, I just got into it and enjoyed it deeply."
- Well respected, talented former Muddy Waters guitarist and soulfully endowed blues artist, "Steady-Rollin" BOB MARGOLIN

"That CD is GOOD !!" I love this big, wide-open singing tone Bobby has on the guitar......reminds me of the dance halls in Texas and Oklahoma."
- The late Janis Joplin's guitarist and founding member of "Big Brother and the Holding Company," SAM ANDREW.

"I listened to every song on the CD. I loved every one of them !"
- Bluesman Deluxe, JIMMY THACKERY

"...the quality of the material is excellent...Bobby's guitar playing , songwriting and singing is soulful and evocative and comes from the heart"

"If the playing on tracks such as "G-Blue" and "The Boogie Man's Comin'" doesn't RIP your head off, the incendiary instrumental track "Smokehouse" can always do the trick. Manriquez definitely brings an original approach to the blues.....Manriquez is no slouch behind the microphone either....."
- GUITAR NINE RECORDS, "The Undiscovered," Feb./ March 2001

"Bobby Manriquez is a favorite of many musicians across the country. It's no wonder that people like Nils Lofgren speak highly of Manriquez and his prowess as a guitar slinger...a well-done, self-produced effort that deserves listening from anyone who's a fan of Blues laced songwriting." ....."
- MN BLUES on Stage March / 2001

"Tough to say who's going to be the "next big thing," but if I was a riverboat gambler, I'd lay odds on Bobby Manriquez."....listen is what you'll want to do once you hear the first cut from Bobby Manriquez' debut album, "Another Shade of Blue(s)" This CD definitely falls into the category of great...." his chops are at once menacing, soulful, and ferocious. Manriquez' vocal style is reminiscent of the Black Crows' Chris Robinson, and guitar-wise, he is an inheritor, but by no means an immitator, of the Blues-Rock school expounded by Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, and Stevie Ray Vaughn."
G. Juke/ Sept./ 2001

"The effect maturity has had on my music is not unlike its effect on physical love in that it provides more ways to contain and savor the raw, indescribable feelings and allow them to linger longer, still flowing passionately with controlled smoothness."

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